The Smoky Mountains and living with rare disease


As I was driving on a 1500 mile trip last week, I was thinking about how much my last few months ( or years) have been like going through the Great Smoky Mountains. Much like life itself – the beauty, the majesty, the creation of such intertwined natural and man made wonderment reminded me of of the delicate nature of our bodies as well.  Our bodies are also full of many finely tuned and out of tune intricacies.   One day it’s up and one day it’s down.  And we feel like we’re going round and round.  Much like the switchbacks of the mountain.

My summer was truly challenging as so many new health issues cropped up. Which means so many new tests and specialists.  I had ‘an event’ which we didn’t know if heart or lungs – so I had to get the all clear.  I saw the head of the heart department and he said my heart was so strong that I was leaving glitter on the floor – glitter all around.  I liked that.  But then- back on the switchback- up and down.  The tummy doc said you can’t eat this and you can’t eat that- we have to get rid of this infection- so I ended up losing 30 lbs.  Nothing fits. Tummy feels almost better.  Lungs – MEH! Ankle in brace- maybe titanium next spring, wrist is in brace- maybe clean out those tendons next spring.  I could go on- but you get the drift.  You live it too.  Lest I forget, Epstein Barr Virus is 10 times higher than when it came back 2 years ago- might have it for life they say!  Who needs that grief?

I need a break- going downhill – just coasting for a while.  Give it a rest.  I’m going to stay away from docs for 6 months.  Let’s see what happens. I’m on a diet of reading, writing, relaxing, bike riding, (physical therapy is a must).  I’m tired of bad news.  Listen to the ocean- lull into a nap. Dream of good things.  Bad things are banned. We’ll see how this goes.


Wanna take a break from reality?  Even if only for a few minutes?  Give it a try. Join me and tell me what you might do if you could/ would.





  • Mary Posted November 6, 2017 2:22 pm

    Well said. Taking breaks from bad news, reality and other toxic things is crucial to our health. When I️ need a break I’ll play uplifting music or walk in the woods.

    • mm
      Carol Miletti Posted November 6, 2017 6:27 pm

      Walking in the woods is my favorite thing to do for anything. The brace on my ankle/foot has really limited my walking for now. I’m about to hop on my bike.

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