BioTek reMEDys knows that each patient we serve will have unique therapeutic needs.

We take a “specialist” approach to the diseases and therapies we manage.¬†For each therapy:

  1. We first consult with the prescribing Physician to develop a specific Plan of Care that accommodates patient status, drug-specific metrics, and disease profile.
  2. We collaborate with the physician and patient to achieve the desired clinical results.

If we didn’t do all this, we would be just another pharmacy.

Examples of specialties supported:


  • Obtain Prior-Authorizations to speed the start of therapy
  • Manage adherence to therapy
  • Manage duration of therapy by viral genotype
  • Verify therapeutic response before continuing therapy
  • Manage the predicted side-effects of therapy
  • Complete therapeutic regimen as prescribed


  • Manage adherence to therapy upon hospital discharge
  • Coordinate Plan of Care with Transplant Center
  • Provide all needed therapies
  • Dispense generic medications as indicated
  • Optimize medication adherence to avoid organ rejection

Multiple Sclerosis

  • Manage adherence to oral, infused, or injectable therapy
  • Manage the predicted side-effects of therapy
  • Avoid complications due to non-compliance
  • Avoid unscheduled hospitalization or ER visits
  • Coordinate with Home Infusion providers as indicated
  • Coordinate supplies that aid with mobility
  • Coordinate access to Patient Assistance Programs as needed