Coming soon: Mini-Series of what the heck just happened!


SEPSIS. My story in multiple parts. The preview will include the signs I ignored. The MAIN EVENT will include how I ended up in St Mary’s at Mayo Clinic ER – signed a DNR, and how we thought for 60 hrs that it might be the final curtain. Follow-up care; what I’ve learned and how it might help you. The horrible after- effects NO ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT! And the grand finale- a real live ZEBRA DAZZLE!

So please stay tuned this week.

Author’s Note:

Since one of the after effects is memory and lack of cognitive thinking- I will forwarn you – there might be missing caps, apostrophes, commas, and WORDS! Today, I spent over 1 full hour trying to remember what that thing in the sink that chops up garbage is called.

( HINT – garbage disposal)

Please don’t report me to the grammar police and bear with me.


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