Happy Holidays – COUGH, COUGH, COUGH

Just when I thought I was feely lousy – I learned I could go much lower. After experiencing 6 week Epstein Barr flare – I added another one to the mix.   I did not have any idea why my temp was going up so suddenly. Or why I was coughing non-stop. The top of my head almost landed in Santa’s sleigh. No sinus infection- no sign of the flu- what the heck?

So this ZEBRA drove 50 miles to see a new doc- only got antibiotics for conjunctivitis. He did not treat anything else or give me a flu test. 3 days later- when my temp was elevated by 6 degrees ( yes- that’s very high for an adult)- I hopped off to urgent care and ended up at hospital right around the corner.  It’s some really rare virus, because Zebras really don’t like to get anything that resembles NORMAL!

Who gets croup at this age? No voice is not very good when you want to wish HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

At least my virus matches the seasonal colors

I know there are far too many other ZEBRAS who are down for the count right now.  I wish you well – but remember your bed is your best friend in times like this.

in fact – I gotta go – my best friend is calling me now.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS – cough, cough



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