Hey, It’s OK!

How are all of us doing? We are coping. We are suffering. We are happy. We are sad. We are worried. But- we are moving on with our lives.

I feel like this year has been an extra challenging year for me health wise.  I spent most of winter sick with 2 different rare viruses. Then, an infection of eye and bronchi –  after that, my left eye was never the same. In fact- it won’t open all of the way and it won’t see very well!

Which brings me back to Mayo AGAIN! I think I should move from the Twin Cities to Rochester. Think of how much money I could save in gas and hotels. I’m really lucky to have established care at the Mayo.  Tomorrow- I will have about 5 different eye appointments. 2 weeks ago- I had 2 solid days of eye appointments. The problem is that I have both autoimmune retinopathy and Sjorgens. One group of docs treat retinas- another treat the dry eyes of Sjorgens. Physicians are so specialized. I have an ankle doc; a foot doc; a knee doc; a spine doc; and my rheumy ties it all up. He increased my dose of methotrexate to the highest dose. If that doesn’t get rid of the inflammation – we go to PLAN B.

With that said- I want to go on record and say that I plan on having a terrific summer. I’m going to swim, bike, Tai chi, yoga, work with a trainer and hopefully get my eyes in reading condition. Because if I can’t find a way to do what I love – what is the point? Maybe I only walk for a bit- maybe I only swim once a week, maybe the trainer goes really easy on me; maybe I have to modify my yoga and Tai chi. BUT- I CAN DO THAT!

And what will you do with the life that you have now?

How will you enjoy your summer?


waiting to hear from you


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