Hi from Carol’s Corner

Many of you may already know me as a member of the PIDD, Autoimmune or Neuropathy communities.  Some of you may know me as a melanoma survivor.  Others as a stroke caregiver.  I know my way around chronic and rare disease.

Whether we are old friends, new friends, or possible friends, please join me as I offer information, insight, and life experiences.  They might be of help to you, the VIP—



I started my first blog almost 12 years ago.  It was dedicated to the to PI patients. But life changes -events change – health changes – so this blog will be more inclusive because I’ve learned more. I’ve met more patients, attended more conferences, met more physicians,  and  developed additional health diagnoses.

My previous blog won one of the top 10 health blogs in 2008.  I’ve also written for IGLIVING magazines and you can read those articles on-line if you wish.


About me?  I live in Minnesota, have an incredibly great, supportive and loving family.  I have a passion for Nordic Walking, reading, and helping others.

My best and worst trait are the same.  I have eternal optimism.  It can be wonderful- it can be horrid.  There are times I don’t even hear the train coming until it mows me over. (More about this strange trait later).

Please introduce yourselves and let me know if you would like for me to discuss any topic.

It’s great to make your acquaintance.


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