Info about our Immune System


Some of this info is from LIVE SCIENCE in 2013.  I thought it interesting enough to share highlights with you.  Because – who knows – it just might help you.

We already know that the human immune system is supposed to protect us- because we know that our immune systems have failed to show up- or are only working part-time.

It is supposed to identify ALIEN bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites- and send in the troops!  WHERE ARE OUR TROOPS??  MIA!

Right now we are fortunate that we can use IgG therapy ( thank your donors), or prophylactic antibiotics.  In the future, gene therapy might be the ticket for us.   One thing for sure- I’m glad they are not still practicing the 19th century BLOODLETTING treatments to cure disease.


Even though vaccines were developed in the late 18th century, as far back as 430 B.C., the Greeks had realized how important immunity was during the smallpox plague.  So make sure you and your family get the necessary vaccines every year.


This is one of the most important lessons I was forced to learn.  SLEEP!  LOTS OF IT!  Lack of sleep further depresses our immune system’s disease fighting ability by decreasing T-cells.  Even a single night of tossing and turning can reduce the number of NATURAL KILLER CELLS!  We need our NK cells to work.


What is the key to a healthy immune system?  GUT BACTERIA!

We are home to trillions of bacteria!  Did you know that? The trick is to balance the good and the bad.  The good bacteria helps prevent disease.  This is why we have to be careful and not abuse antibiotics -which may kill off the good and welcome the bad.


Now- on to SUNLIGHT!

I have a love/fear relationship with the sun.  I LOVE ❤️ when the sun ☀️ is out- but I don’t go out in the sun! I’ve had melanoma and currently take methotrexate for my autoimmune diseases.  That means no sun for me.  Even with protection – I burn in about 10 minutes.

But in small doses it’s very healthy. Vitamin D helps protects not only our bones, but provides a defense against infection.

Too much actually SUPRESSES the immune system even further – so PLEASE, be very careful with your UV exposure to the sun.


Did you already know this about your immune system?

Or have I helped you better understand?

Please let me know.



some facts are from 11 Surprising Facts About the Immune System by

Joseph Castro LIVE SCIENCE 2013




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