My word for the year is RECOVERY! What is your word?

A friend of mine posted a great article by Melinda Gates that really struck a chord with me. In  ‘WORD OF THE YEAR’, Melinda states that instead of a New Year resolution-she finds it better to choose a New Resolve. “A word that encapsulates my aspirations for the 12 months ahead”.

It didn’t take me more than a few seconds to land on my word of the year- RECOVERY. Since I’m still recovering from Sepsis- this word applies to my health aspirations.  Working on muscles, joint movement, cognitive abilities, memory, energy, and the latest- a constant drum beat in my head ( which makes it next to impossible to read or to write).  Plus- did I mention- I really miss driving. This has all lead to my becoming very reclusive- normally I’m the most gregarious person in the group. Not so now – I’ve lost quite a bit of me. RECOVERY is my 2019 word – my goal!

I would love to recover my home. What do I mean? I can’t remember where, why, what, how- like how do I make my coffee each morning without forgetting to add water- where did I put my favorite pj’s- what is this doing here- why are these clothes in the laundry? Where does this sweater go? What socks go with these pants? Why is this sitting on my dresser? Did I forget to pay that bill? Why is this room such a mess? My home is totally discombobulated! I need some order.

Can we talk about how lonely I am for family and friends? Some are far away- some are very busy, some are – I dunno. I can’t drive or fly to visit- which leaves me very isolated and lonely. This is an area of my life that needs massive recovery. I need people. I need hugs and laughter. It’s a very heavy burden for my hubs.

Personal wants and needs definitely need recovery. I want to be able to exercise- which is PLAY for me. I usually read a minimum of 50- 75 books a year – but this constant drumming in my ears ( or is it in my head) keeps me from having concentration. It keeps me from writing (this blog and my journals). I no longer can tell if I make any sense- can you?

This is my RECOVERY goal:

Melissa Gates has chosen GRACE for her word this year. “ Keeping my heart open is important. A broken heart gives me ungency. A moment of grace gives me hope”

The power of a well chosen word – it will keep us focused and give us something daily to work on. Different kind of New Year goal.






  • Laurie Posted January 8, 2019 11:58 pm

    Carol, my little buddy, you wrote so well. I truely wished we lived closer. You are my bright sunshine. Your color of orange inspired me every day. Everytime, I see that color, it reminds me of you. Every slug bug too! I look to you for inspiration. That is my word. Inspiration, thank you.

    • mm
      Carol Miletti Posted January 9, 2019 1:23 am

      Thanks little buddy. Writing is really hard for me right now with the constant drumbeat in my head. It’s like writing or reading in time to a metronome

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