One Day at a Time is part of Kate’s PI story!


I met Kate Hockin about 10 years ago at a local Minneapolis, IDF meeting. We’ve been friends since then – and I’m one of her life cheerleaders. After being sick for her first 2 years- Kate was diagnosed with CVID.  Her Mom, Bonnie ( who I’ve also had the pleasure of  meeting), has always been Kate’s super duper support system. She has many friends- and they do the best they can – but, most of the time they just don’t understand.  Thankfully- other Zebras and Bonnie do.

Besides CVID, Kate has chronic sinusitis and rheumatoid arthritis. She did develop a clot in her heart from her port – with endocarditis as a result. But she’s all better now.

I asked Kate what her challenges are, and got tired from reading everything she does. Her schedule wears me out. Kate has chronic fatigue, works part time, attends school part time, has mock trials, works at an externship. Kate just started her new role as a JUDICIAL LAW CLERK! She will soon be studying for THE BAR exam!

With all of these responsibilities – Kate had to learn how to take ONE DAY AT A TIME!

What has Kate learned from living with chronic disease? CVID does not define who she is. It has actually made her stronger and realize how much she can overcome. Kate says “ I am not a person with PIDD- I am a student, a daughter, a future attorney, a figure skater, a friend, a sister. My CVID does not define who I am”!

’ORDER IN THE COURT’- Kate is going to fly and nothing is going to hold her back. She might sleep in too late and have a hard time getting going – but when all is said and done – Kate will rule over her court.

And that’s Kate’s story so far. To be continued……..

Thanks Kate for sharing your story with all of us.



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  • Linda Jo Chapman Posted April 24, 2018 7:12 pm

    Great that she is living her life to the fullest.

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