PI + Flu patients tell their stories

After speaking with 4 PI patients – I learned how different their flu stories are. Sharing with you to compare to your own story – because, as EVERY Dr. likes to say “EVERY PATIENT IS DIFFERENT!”

Let’s start with an old friend- Jocelyn from Wisconsin. She went from feeling great on Tuesday – to really crummy by Wednesday- then had her infusion assuming it would help.

Thinking she had strep – she made Dr. appt only to learn it was Flu B ( and YES, Jocelyn had her flu shot). She started Tamiflu- but, ended up in the hospital for 5 days with flu/pneumonia.

Jocelyn and her Mom

Jocelyn is also a Sepsis buddy. She had Sepsis, endocarditis and cellulitis in December, 2018. She is dealing with some of the same post Sepsis symptoms that I am – so we commiserate. Not being able to drive is really a pain. But, her attitude always wins.
“I feel very blessed” she says. Hugs to you Jocelyn.

Jennifer is from my home state, Ohio. She also attended Kent State- so we have several things in common. Her flu started out as a ‘cold’. She went for 2 weeks thinking she would get over it. Jennifer had been on a 2 year streak of not getting sick because her infusions were helping her so much. But 2 weeks in, while at work- she felt like she wanted to die! Body aches, hot and cold chills, feeling dehydrated. She started throwing up that night. But- she couldn’t make it to her Dr. until the following Monday. She tested positive for the flu- but it was too late to start Tamiflu – so she had to suffer through. Jennifer was kicking herself because she had to cancel 2 different times when she was supposed to get her flu vaccine. Would it have made a difference? It would have at the very least shortened the duration of her flu.


Claire is from Scotland. She was diagnosed with CVID in 2017, and started her infusions in 2018. Her flu started out with a cold, runny nose and cough out of the blue. When she began to feel breathless- she finally went to her Dr. Claire was mis-diagnosed with a chest infection. She returned to her Dr. and tested positive for Influenza type A – as well as pneumonia. 2 months later, Claire is still feeling unwell – and, YES- she did get her flu vaccine.

Hope you’re feeling better by now, Claire.


Donna and I have known each other for years. She lives in Florida- which should help prevent the flu. All those oranges! But, alas, flu found her in December. She has lots of tips to avoid this – but- she was a lucky winner. The flu lasted 10 days and she took another month to fully recover. Thankfully- she started Tamiflu and prednisone right away. She added Mucinex, Zyrtec, Netipot, Nebulizer and an inhaler. Even with all of that help – she still had a day where she thought she was going to die. She was cold and hot at the same time, sweated profusely, ended up dehydrated.
Donna takes many precautions- wearing gloves and masks to Dr appointments and grocery shopping. But, alas- the flu found her – and, YES, Donna got a flu vaccine.


As you can see – the vaccine is not always effective. It can mutate, and then, mutate again and again.
Thanks to our PI and Flu patients for your contributions.

My next blog will talk about the 2019/2020 flu.

Until then – C

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  • Laurie Posted February 25, 2021 6:36 am

    Thank you for sharing. It shows how many different ways the flu can come from behind you and make you ill. Love your blogs my friend! Stay safe.

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