Recovery- A Glimmer of Hope

Sometime in the past 10 days- I began to see a glimmer of hope. Is this real- as in – am I finally improving? OR – is it my imagination? I don’t care which it is! I’m going to grab on and ride this all the way home.

As these happened- what surprised me most was that I often blurted out responses without much forethought. Visiting with my Doc last week- his comments on the huge difference since October visit regarding mobility and attitude made me shout out- I’m all better! ‘Well, not exactly- but it’s quite an improvement’.

I’ve made great progress with my physical therapist. We’ve been working since October and I’m religious about my exercises. More flexibility, more stability, better joint movement. I can run 2 errands instead of one. Instead of 2 days to recover it takes me only one day.

One thing I’m pretty happy about is sleep with fewer nightmares. Still sleeping at least 12 hrs ( sometimes more).

Lots less pain. Fewer headaches. Mind is clearer. Less cognitive fog.

Either at PT – or at the new gym we just joined – I’m riding (very slowly) an exercise bike. More steps on Fitbit ( don’t get too excited here). Another blurt – I can teach a class this Spring! ( former fitness instructor). I highly doubt I’ll be ready – goal setting!

This may not seem like a big thing – but last week-I drove TWICE on freeways and merged!

Hurdles- remember that loud thumping in my head- the constant metronome I mentioned? It’s not going away. Doc says it’s permanent. I’m not going to settle for that. Already in a clinical trial. In the meantime- I’ve become addicted to my ibuds- with or without sound – they help a bit.

I truly never expected to feel hopeful again- no really.

So- here in the darkest night ( eclipse) of this very long winter – I can see the dawn of my new beginning.



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