Self Care – YOUR WAY! YOUR WORDS! Part 1

On my last blog I asked for you to share your self care methods.  I heard from many of you.  Some of you said it was OK to use your words. That’s what I’m going to do here.  I was so impressed by how well we listen to our bodies.


“I say NO. As a school teacher, I’m expected to attend many extracurricular activities…parents often try and ‘shame’ me. I support the students academically all day long.  I don’t explain, nor do I make excuses- I say NO”!  Stephanie – thank you.  ( we should try this one more often)

Brittany sees self care as being connected to body and mental state. “Recognize the signs your body is sending so you can get a grip on the situation BEFORE it becomes catastrophic! The mental state is harder- make sure you have an outlet to release your feelings such as a support group, journaling, art, music – anything that helps you release. Find a way to control your anxiety”. This is great advice and often recommended by the experts. Thanks Brittany.

Beth used to carry around a ‘ suitcase of guilt’.” Guilt over being sick and not doing enough for family, friends and work”.   Beth realized “that her suitcase was simply too heavy to carry. She “unpacked the guilt and filled it with acceptance! Taking care of me includes finding joy in everyday stuff- I’m perfect JUST THE WAY I AM”!

Great attitude Beth-we can all benefit from this advice.  THANKS.

Victoria talks about finding balance in her life while dealing with multiple comorbidities. Besides working hard – she feels the need to engage “in things that use other parts of my mind and body. Yoga, core training gardening and crocheting-as well as enjoying time with family and friends. Life can be hard – finding time and space to give yourself a break can rejuvenate. Then I has the energy to face life as it comes at me”.  Great suggestions Victoria.  Thanks – guess I’ll have to work really hard to keep up with you!

I really hope you find some inspiration in these ideas.

Part 2 will include a translation from Norwegian- hope I got it right!

If YOU want to share – PLEASE DO!






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