Stress and rare disease

Is this you some days?  Most days?

What are the reasons we get stressed?

We know it’s not good for our long term health, our ability to heal.

But those bills just keep piling up.  Can I go to work today – or call in sick AGAIN!

Is it time to think about disability?

We keep getting sick – or our PIDD child ( or children) get sick.  What do we do about their schooling?

Darn – my SIL keeps bringing over her unvaccinated kids- how do I handle that?

Those infusions- they really get in my way – and sometimes I’m too sick to care about anything.

Everywhere I turn – its stress, stress, stress.

My spouse could help more.  Oops – I don’t have a spouse – it’s so hard on my own.  Making ends meet.

Balancing the needs of my health.

MAIL AGAIN- more medical bills- what’s this about insurance not approving my treatment?

What do you mean my premium is going up?  I don’t have more money.

Where is the fairy Godmother  I asked for?

Oh no- now it’s a sick parent – how can I balance all of this?

Another diagnoses?  How can SOOOO many things be wrong with one person?

I just want to be normal- why can’t I make plans – and keep plans?

SLEEP -with this pain?

The world around me-I need to stop watching the news.

Its a vicious circle.How can I make it better?


Did I miss any?  I’m sure I did?

Let me know what your stressors are and my next blog- we’ll talk about tips that might help.

Waiting  to hear from you



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  • Judy Posted December 7, 2018 3:46 am

    How about stress from facing the reality that my body is not cooperating anymore, and that I wonder if these infusions will help me be able to function in the future?

    • mm
      Carol Miletti Posted December 14, 2018 5:35 am

      Judy, How long have you been on IgG infusions?
      I’m going to talk about grieving the old US in about 3 more blogs!
      If you would like to contribute- please let me know.
      Hope you can enjoy the holidays

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