Wash your Hands!

I started writing this last week when I couldn’t stop crying. I was not crying for myself – but, for our country, the world, and all of my scared friends. I see the fear in my PIDD, Sepsis, and autoimmune groups. Everyone is so afraid of COVID-19 and the comorbidities we have. I find it heartbreaking.

I would read a few comments and bury my face in my hands and cry.


This week, I’m feeling quite a bit different. I’ve made personal peace with what might be- I’m no longer afraid. Once you decide how you’ll handle anything – whether it’s happy or sad- your emotions are easier to manage when it happens. About 20 yrs ago- I had a breast biopsy. While I was waiting for the results – I mapped out my plans. If the news was A- this is how I would react. If it was B- then I follow through with Plan B. For the next 20 years – this is how I’ve handled everything.
Hubs and I have had very detailed discussions regarding how we will each go forward if we end up with COVID-19. I recommend having similar discussions in your home.

I’m not saying this isn’t horrid – I’m saying if it happens to me – I’m emotionally prepared. You might be more prepared than you realize.

This might be due to the fact that we’ve been planning ever since we were diagnosed. We wash our hands, we distance ourselves when someone seems sick. We have hand gel. We are prepared. We’re ahead of the curve.

We take our meds – including IgG therapy.

We’ve been FIGHTING the flu for years. People die from the flu. Now, we’re fighting a new battle. And people will die – but even more- will NOT.

Stay home, wash your hands, clean your counter, distance yourself.
We need to flatten the curve.

Enjoy your family, your pets, streaming your favorite shows and always include laughter in your day. It really helps with the stress. It also helps your immunity. And SLEEP.

I’ve found that watching Governor Cuomo give his daily briefings ( even though I live in Minnesota) is helpful. He shares data, gives updates, throws in a bit of emotional help. It brings me solace. His background is crisis management- so he makes me feel like he’s got this.

My personal ask is this – if you need someone to talk to – please reach out – to a friend, a loved one – or to me. I’m good at listening. You know how to reach me. And to you – Good Luck.

Later, C

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