I would like to share my reasons to be thankful in spite of everything going on. I’m typically a very optimistic person – but, the story I’ve shared here has been of my ongoing struggles. I’m NOT that person- I’m the person experiencing them – so I choose to share with you- hoping it might help you get through difficult times as well. In spite of my current health situation- I’m feeling THANKFUL


My 97 year old Mom, with dementia, living in a home- is recovering from COVID. While nothing about my Mom surprises me-she is part BIONIC- but, I didn’t really expect this. I’m so grateful I will see her again someday.

So far- no one in my family has had COVID. Not my SONS, DIL’s, GRANDS, HUBS,- NO ONE. Of course- I’m hermetically sealed- so I’ve managed to avoid it as well.

I want to give a big shout out to Hubs- as he is still holding me together through this long slog of sepsis recovery. After months alone- we are still very good friends. In fact- the BEST OF FRIENDS!! And for that- I’m eternally grateful.

I’m thankful that I have a warm and secure home with a very comfy bed and (mostly) healthy, homemade food.

But, I want to interject one more time- I’m so very lonesome for my family.

I won’t be seeing them for Thanksgiving (just like so many around the world) and it won’t be the same.

To go from this:

Full and Happy Thanksgiving Table!

To this:


I asked some friends today on one of the PI sites what they are thankful for and I have some very interesting answers to share with you:

Betty from Rhode Island is thankful for her GREAT family.

Jodi from New York is thankful for her partner, who has been willing to “stay home” for 8 months (so far).

Nancy from Indiana is thankful her daughters agreed ‘under protest’ for her to be alone with her ‘imaginary friends’ and Hallmark for the first time in 56 years! She says there is so much danger for so many.

Nancy’s imaginary friend

UPDATE: Nancy’s daughter, Susan, and her significant other, have recovered from COVID and are donating plasma and are crashing her ‘imaginary people’ party! At least Nancy won’t be alone.

Laurie from California ( my Little Buddy- we’re the same size) is thankful for her furry friends- her doggie and kitty. They make her laugh at their silliness (although she laughs at just about everything). She loves it when they snuggle with her. So, Laurie won’t be alone.

Laura from New Jersey is thankful for the 2020 babies that came into the world. (2 new ones on our PI site lately)

Mandy (previously profiled) from New Jersey is thankful that her baby girl is happy and healthy.

Our good buddy, Drew, from Washington has been having a very difficult time lately and is thankful that people understand that ‘stuff’ happens with him- he’s not trying to flake out on things he committed to-but, things in his life are moving very slowly. (I replied- same with me).

My friend in Australia, Sharon, shared some very wise words with me late at night:

She had been watching a TV series and the instructor on the show said “I love being able to show people what it really takes to be an individual in the military and that it is only through hard work and suffering that you realize how resilient you are. You have a choice; you can either give up, or when hardship presents itself, you can push yourself and your capabilities far beyond your expectations of where you imagined your boundaries to be”.

Sharon says it dawned on her that all of us immune deficients have been in a war every bit as difficult. “What stands out is we get back up again after we’ve almost been broken and we do it over and over again. We may not be actual soldiers, but we are warriors and a good part of that is our ability to not give up”

Which is EXACTLY why we should be thankful- we keep getting back up.

In spite of living with rare disease- we all found something to be grateful for- so should you. No matter how small it might be. Search your heart- dig down deep- you”ll find something.

And, with that, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.



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