Woah Nelly – Hold your Horses!

Please disregard my previous  post in which I claimed to be ready to get back to my life. I guess I posted it too soon. I’m temporarily on hold.

Since I had melanoma, I visit my dermatologist often. This time- he found a pre-cancerous growth and burned it off ( which has happened often). No big whoop!

But this time, he also noticed a growth on my left eyelid that I thought was a scar from rosacea. NOPE – I was wrong. He wants to do a biopsy on my left eyelid. However, I’m in the middle of being evaluated for why my left eyelid won’t open and my vision has changed so much. This follows a rare virus that knocked me down for 6 weeks this winter – followed by infection in left eye and bronchi. The left eye just kept getting worse. Sometimes I have to go to bed by 8 or so because I just can’t see anymore that day.

After I left his office- I started to wonder – GEE – what if they’re related?  ( insert DUH)!

I just sent my Mayo retina specialist a message to get her opinion.

Planned on waiting till after 2 graduations to get the biopsy. Now I’m not sure that’s a good idea.

I guess I could always wear an eyepatch and look somewhat mysterious??



I’m wondering if this ever happened to YOU? Please share with me?…because to tell you the truth – I’m just a wee bit scared!

#Primary Immunodeficiency




C 😳







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